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Microbiology Graduate Program

Microbiology 250 Seminar Series

CMDB/GGB/MCBL Joint Seminar Series

Wednesdays 12:10-1:00pm Genomics Auditorium 




January 10, 2018  Dr. Miguel Aranda, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain  "Non-canonical translation in plant RNA viruses. Implications for host susceptibility"

January 17,2018

Dr. Bruno Mezzetti, Marche Polytechnic University "A Technology Platform to Apply New Breeding Techniques for improving fruit crops"
January 24, 2018 Dr. Dianne K Newman, Caltech "The importance of growing slowly: roles for redox active "antibiotics" in microbial survival and development"
January 31, 2018 Dr. Louise Glass, UC Berkeley "Fungal Warfare: Pyroptotic-like and NLR-like innate immunity proteins trigger allorecognition and death"
February 7,2018 Dr. Manuel Penichet, UCLA "Novel antibody-based stratgies against malignancies"
February 14,2018 Dr. Walter Boyce, UC Davis TBA
February 21,2018 TBA  
February 28,2018 Dr. Chris Staiger, Purdue University TBA
March 7,2018 Dr. Chang Hyun Khang, Univ. of Georgia TBA
March 14, 2018 Dr. Anindya Bagchi, Sanford Burnham  TBA

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