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June 19, 2020

Congratulations to current Microbiology Ph.D. student Salma Alavi, recent Microbiology MS Jon Mitchell, and Professor Ansel Hsiao on their paper "Interpersonal Gut Microbiome Variation Drives Susceptibility and Resistance to Cholera Infection," which was recently published in the prestigious journal Cell.



Microbiology Executive Committee 2020-2021

Shou-wei Ding

Meera Nair

A. L. N. Rao



Megalodon illustration
The Megalodon was less mega than previously believed
A new study shows the Megalodon, a gigantic shark that went extinct 3.6 million years ago, was significantly more slender than earlier studies suggested.
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A person's arm is shown getting the vaccine
New vaccine design uses immunity against influenza to offer faster protection against emerging pathogens
Strategy developed by UC Riverside-led research team speeds up production of antibodies against COVID-19
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plant and cell cross section
Keys to aging hidden in the leaves
Scientists have known about a particular organelle in plant cells for over a century. However, UCR scientists have only now discovered that organelle’s key role in aging.
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Morris Maduro and Gina Broitman-Maduro
The early bird (or scientist) gets the worm
UC Riverside research on nematodes secures $1.3M NSF funding
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doctor and patient
Scientists tame chaotic protein fueling 75% of cancers
Meet MYC, the shapeless protein responsible for making the majority of human cancer cases worse. UC Riverside researchers have found a way to rein it in, offering hope for a new era of treatments.  
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high fat foods
New reasons eating less fat should be one of your resolutions
A UC Riverside study to motivate your new year’s resolutions: high-fat diets may impair genes linked not only to obesity, colon cancer and irritable bowels, but also to the immune system, brain function, and potentially COVID-19 risk.
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Supercomputer enables illustration of large-scale structure of universe
UC Riverside physicist helped develop PRIYA, a new cosmological simulation model
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gray mold on strawberries
Discovery: plants use “trojan horse” to fight mold invasions 
UC Riverside scientists have discovered a stealth molecular weapon that plants use to attack the cells of invading gray mold. 
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