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June 19, 2020

Congratulations to current Microbiology Ph.D. student Salma Alavi, recent Microbiology MS Jon Mitchell, and Professor Ansel Hsiao on their paper "Interpersonal Gut Microbiome Variation Drives Susceptibility and Resistance to Cholera Infection," which was recently published in the prestigious journal Cell.



Microbiology Executive Committee 2020-2021

Shou-wei Ding

Meera Nair

A. L. N. Rao



bumbles on a flower
When it comes to bumblebees, does size matter?
While honeybee workers are all the same size, that’s not true for bumblebees. Scientists aren’t sure what’s behind the wide variety in bumble body sizes, but a new UC Riverside project aims to find out.  
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Prescribed burns encourage foul-smelling invaders
Though prescribed burns reduce wildfire threats and even improve habitat for some animals, new research shows these fires also spread stinknet, an aptly named weed currently invading superblooms across the Southwestern U.S. 
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Volcanic planet
Are Earth and Venus the only volcanic planets? Not anymore.
Imagine an Earth-sized planet that’s not at all Earth-like. Half this world is locked in permanent daytime, the other half in permanent night, and it’s carpeted with active volcanoes. Astronomers have discovered that planet. 
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Obamus coronatus
Earth’s first animals had particular taste in real estate
Even without body parts that allowed for movement, new UC Riverside research shows — for the first time — that some of Earth’s earliest animals managed to be picky about where they lived. 
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Researcher studying fossils
Australian fossil goldmine opens permanently
Land where a UC Riverside paleontology professor unearthed whole communities of Earth’s oldest animals is opening today to the public as a new national park in the Australian Outback. 
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LA River
Not such small things: microplastics in our streams
UC Riverside scientists are taking a modern approach to studying a murky subject — the quantity, quality, and sources of microplastics in Los Angeles County’s urban streams.
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Methane from megafires: more spew than we knew
Using a new detection method, UC Riverside scientists found a massive amount of methane, a super-potent greenhouse gas, coming from wildfires — a source not currently being accounted for by state air quality managers.
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Children in grass
Researchers warn of tick-borne disease babesiosis
UC Riverside and Yale University team sequences and mines genome of the pathogen Babesia duncani
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