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June 19, 2020

Congratulations to current Microbiology Ph.D. student Salma Alavi, recent Microbiology MS Jon Mitchell, and Professor Ansel Hsiao on their paper "Interpersonal Gut Microbiome Variation Drives Susceptibility and Resistance to Cholera Infection," which was recently published in the prestigious journal Cell.



Microbiology Executive Committee 2020-2021

Shou-wei Ding

Meera Nair

A. L. N. Rao



Nigel Hughes and Mary Droser
Meet UCR’s paleontology power pair
Paleontologist Nigel Hughes has earned one of the highest honors in his field, an achievement made even more remarkable because last year’s winner was another UCR paleontologist — Mary Droser, his wife.
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field at night
Scientists can switch on plants’ response to light
Scientists have figured out how plants respond to light and can flip this genetic switch to encourage food growth - even in the dark. The discovery could help increase food supply for an expanding population with shrinking opportunities for farming. 
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UC Riverside receives $5M CIRM grant to train scientists in stem cell research
Training program spans broad range of research areas from basic stem cell biology to translational medicine
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Critical groundwater supplies may never recover from drought
New UC Riverside research shows groundwater takes an average of three years to recover from drought — if it ever recovers at all. In the largest study of its kind, scientists found that this recovery time only applies to aquifers that aren’t touched by human activity, and the recovery time might be even longer in regions with excessive pumping. 
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Artist rendering of a red dwarf or M star, with three exoplanets orbiting. About 75 percent of all stars in the sky are the cooler, smaller red dwarfs. IMAGE CREDIT: NASA.
Investigating the potential for life around the galaxy’s smallest stars
When the world’s most powerful telescope launches into space this year, scientists will learn whether Earth-sized planets in our ‘solar neighborhood’ have a key prerequisite for life — an atmosphere.
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Chemical discovery gets reluctant seeds to sprout
Seeds that would otherwise lie dormant will spring to life with the aid of a new chemical discovered by a UC Riverside-led team. 
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salad eater
Grow and eat your own vaccines?
The future of vaccines may look more like eating a salad than getting a shot in the arm. UC Riverside scientists are studying whether they can turn edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories.
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Astronomers explain origin of elusive ultradiffuse galaxies
UC Riverside astronomer and colleagues use simulations to reveal how the very faint dwarf galaxies are born
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