University of California, Riverside

Microbiology Graduate Program

Microbiology 250 Seminar Series

CMDB/GGB/MCBL Fall Joint Seminar Series

Wednesdays 12:10-1:00pm Genomics Auditorium 




October 3, 2018  Dr. Michael R. Stallcup, University of Southern California "TBA"

October 10,2018

Dr. Jianxin Ma, Purdue University  "Evolutionary Novelty and Dynamics of Soybean: From Polyploidization to Domestication"
October 17, 2018 Dr. Xinnian Dong, Duke University "TBA"
October 24, 2018 Dr. Michael Freitag, Oregon State University  "Chromatin-mediated gene silencing and genome stability in filamentous fungi"
October 31,2018 TBA "TBA"
November 7,2018 Dr. Grace Xiao, UC Los Angeles "TBA"
November 14,2018 Dr. Wei Wang, UC San Diego  "TBA"
November 21,2018 Dr. Jose Feijo, University of Maryland  "TBA"
November 28,2018 Dr. Manoj Duraisingh, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health "TBA"
December 5, 2018 Dr. Yongsheng Shi, UC Irvine   "TBA"

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